Saturday, March 24, 2012

A theoretical view of how fact language should be like music

Here is my view on how to develop one's way of writing toward musical
language that is at the same time best kind of informative fact
language. Maybe it could offer a dream to develop towards for many who
are interested in writing?
Fact lanaguage and thoughts describe the structures of the world,
which we observe via our experience and for which feelings give
emphazis according to their importancies and their areas of influence.
Feelings touch the level of our life in the living, giving motivation
for action and bringing content to life. From the point of view of
feelings the most impressive are the major features about what life is
like to live and what the world is like from the point of view of
Objectivity comes via faithfully describing perceptions and via
arranging them to a seen structured landscape, to which atmosphere
impressions give a philosophical view which tells what the phenomena
in the landscape mean to life. Perceptions become surer via
sensitively, faithfully to the level of sensory impressions and
sensations describing all the sides of one's perceptions.
Well working ways of doing and well working routes flow easily: they
have the best enthralling easy-going style.
This way best fact language's, and even fiction's, most successful
part are like music - some kind of experienced strongly touching
original basic form of music to which the ability of modern music to
touch the hearer still relies on.
Hannele Tervola
P.S. Sorry for clumsy language!

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